20+ Ethiopian Telegram Groups List - TelegramPapa (2024)

20+ Ethiopian Telegram Groups List - TelegramPapa (1)

From this article take a look at ethiopian telegram groups invitation links. THere is a huge rise in the telegram app usage in past few months. As a result, so many people searchs for ethiopian telegram channels/groups. THis list is for those who need to find invitation links. Let’s take a look at the list of links.

Ethio ICTjoin Ethio ICT
Ethio Racingjoin Ethio Racing
Capitalethiopiajoin Capitalethiopia
Ethio Software EngineersJoin Ethio Software Engineers
Ethio College PrepJoin Ethio College Prep
Exotic Ethiopian Carsjoin Exotic Ethiopian Cars
Ethio Visajoin Ethio Visa
Ethio storejoin Ethio store
Ethio VFXjoin Ethio VFX

Otherthan above list, below list also contains telegram groups with their description and invitation link. All the below telegram groups has more than 1000 members. So, take a look at the invitation links.

Ethio Modeling School

A channel dedicated to modeling. Has more than 3k subscribers. Promotes their own course about modeling, photography, movie editing, lightning, and make-up. Also, shares a lot of free stuff related to the modeling industry that you can learn more about. Posts vacancies that are related to the modeling that you can apply for. Join Ethio Modeling School.

Ethio Job Vacancy

Channel that promotes job vacancies in all different fields to suit all of the subscribers they have. Has more than 34k subscribers. Posts job vacancies, requirements and responsibilities, and a description of the vacancies. Shares vacancies-related photos often an average of 8 photos per dar. Almost anyone can find a job opening as they share a wide range of job openings. Such as hotel job openings, IT job openings including developers, web developers, and even graphic designers. You can promote your business job openings through the channel to reach an audience of 34,000 to hire people fast. Join Ethio job vacancy.

LinkUp Addis

Claims as a digital media company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Share links to join their events and editions of each LinkUpAddis event. Those are mostly about digital marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, and much more like that. If you want to build your own brand, then you can join their free events to get an idea about their paid course. Has more than 8.9k subscribers. Join LinkUp Addis to hear the latest events.


Has more than 3.7k subscribers. Shares abnormal incidents found all over the world that not solved and solved but yet with issues. Promotes popular theories around some incidents with their own researches. If you are such a person who likes to investigate that abnormal stuff and alien-related stuff, you must join this channel. Join Ethiopian illuminati.

Ethio online job’s

Has nearly 5k subscribers. Posts remote job vacancies like phone operator, Graphics Designer, Web designer, Software developer like many kinds of remote and office work vacancies that individuals can join. Also, posts their minimum requirements, responsibilities like relevant stuff with the job title. You can work as well as hire people through the channel. Join Ethio Online Jobs.

Rotaract Ethiopia

Rotaract is a service that helps youngers to learn leadership qualities. for young men and women age between 18 or above. They claimed to have 9000 clubs around the world. Join them to know more information.

Ethio Fun

Has more than 200k subscribers. Post joke videos that are interesting for the local community and images that are funny. Mostly adds polls whether asking their viewers if their jokes are funny enough. Viewers can vote for their jokes. Has an average of 20k views for all of their posts. Join ethio fun.

Tadiyas Addis on Ethio Fm

Posts about new trending interior designs and exterior design updates related to Ethiopia. Their new works on some brand new projects. You can watch their interior and exterior designs to get inspired on the stuff to make your own. Also, to hire them to design your interiors, you can watch their videos on works, and doings. Has more than 3.3k subscribers. Join Tadiyas Addis on Ethio Fm.

Ethio meme

Ethiopian Mobile phones selling telegram channel that has more than 1.2k subscribers. Although it’s a name meme, it actually shares mobile phone selling posts. Mostly are mobile phone accessories related stuff, you can buy as lots through the channel. Also can promote your stuff by talking with the admins for commission. Join Ethio memes.

Ethiopian Telegram Groups, About:

There are no many telegram groups related to Ethiopia that we could find. There may be many awesome Ethiopian telegram groups that hidden from us. So, if you are an owner or a member of such a group, please submit its link to us. We are happy to include it here. We will add many new telegram channel links often to provide a better experience from our website.

20+ Ethiopian Telegram Groups List - TelegramPapa (2024)


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