Printable Christmas Think Fast Game: A Free Holiday Game - The Benson Street (2024)

Printable Christmas Think Fast Game is a fun way to enjoy Christmas parties. Perfect for all ages and can be played a variety of ways for a good time.

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This holiday season, turn your gatherings into a whirlwind of laughter and excitement with the Printable Christmas Think Fast Game. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a holiday party with friends, or a festive family game night, this interactive and fast-paced game promises to add a delightful spin to your Christmas celebrations.

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Why You’ll Love This Fun Printable Christmas Game:

Embrace the joy of spontaneity with the Printable Christmas Think Fast Game. First and foremost, it injects an element of unpredictability into your holiday festivities, keeping participants on their toes and fostering a lighthearted and jovial atmosphere. The game encourages quick thinking and creativity, making it suitable for all ages. It’s a fantastic way to break the ice and ensure that the energy at your gathering remains high.

Secondly, this free printable game is incredibly versatile. With a wide range of holiday-themed prompts and categories, it’s easy to tailor the game to suit the preferences and interests of your group. Whether your guests are kids of all ages, or adults, the entire family will enjoy this fun party game. The simplicity of the fun game also makes it accessible to all, regardless of gaming experience, making it a perfect addition to any Christmas celebration.

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Common Questions about Printable Christmas Think Fast Game:

Is this game suitable for kids?

Absolutely! The Think Fast game is designed to be family-friendly, and you can be used by all ages that can write.

Can I customize the prompts for my specific audience?

Yes, one of the advantages of printable games is their flexibility. Feel free to modify or add prompts to align with the interests and preferences of your guests.

How long does a typical game session last?

The duration of the game depends on your preferences and the energy level of your group. You can set a time limit for each round or continue playing until everyone has had a chance to participate. Usually each category is done for 5 seconds.

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Where This Game Could Be Played:

The beauty of the Printable Christmas Think Fast Game lies in its adaptability to various settings. Consider incorporating it into different Christmas events, such as:

  • Family Gatherings:Add a dynamic and entertaining element to your family Christmas dinner or brunch.
  • Holiday Parties:Make your festive soiree memorable with a lively game that engages all your guests.
  • Virtual Celebrations:Bring the game to virtual gatherings by sharing prompts via video conferencing tools.

How to Use with Tips for Printing:

Getting started with the Printable Christmas Think Fast Game is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide for printing and playing:

  1. Download and Print:Download the printable game sheets and print them on standard letter-sized paper. Ensure your printer is set to high-quality printing for optimal clarity.
  2. Laminate for Reusability:Consider laminating the sheets or placing them in sheet protectors to make them reusable for future holiday gatherings (Use dry erase markers).
  3. Gather Supplies:Have pens or markers on hand for participants to write down their quick answers.
  4. Set the Mood:Create a festive atmosphere with holiday decorations, background music, and perhaps some seasonal treats to enhance the overall experience.
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Directions for Think Fast Game:

Use this printable in a few different ways to play.

Traditionally each of the party guests or players write down 3 words that fit the themes below as fast as you can. The first person to fill in all the blanks the fastest wins a prize!

Playing the Think Fast game is simple and engaging. Follow these directions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Preparation:Distribute the game sheets and pens to all participants. Explain the rules.
  2. Set the Timer:Choose a time limit for each round, typically 5-15 seconds.
  3. Prompt Rotation:Rotate through the prompts, announcing each one and starting the timer. Participants must think quickly and write down their responses.
  4. Scoring:After each round, collect and tally the responses. Award points for correct answers, and consider introducing bonus rounds or challenges to keep things exciting.
  5. Celebrate the Winner:Declare a winner or acknowledge participants’ efforts. Consider small festive prizes for added motivation.

Lastly, you could play this game as more of a holiday party game. Pair up and give each pair a set to give the prompt and then let the other person name three of each category. If you can’t say three in five seconds, you are out.

Variations for Using the Game:

Team Competition:While the basic format of the Think Fast game is engaging on its own, consider incorporating variations to add a unique twist to your festivities. For a team-based competition (great for large groups), divide your guests into groups and have team members take turns responding to prompts. The team with the most correct answers within a set time wins a festive prize.

Additional Rounds:You can also create themed rounds with your own categories in addition to those listed on the printable , such as a “Christmas Movie Marathon” or “Holiday Song Lyrics.” Tailoring the game to your group’s interests ensures that everyone remains engaged and entertained throughout the activity.

Classroom Activity:Older kids can use this printable as a holiday worksheet activity for extra fun leading up to Christmas. Simply print off enough copies for each student and allow them to fill in the blanks of this Christmas time game. Make it interactive by playing it the other ways listed above too.

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Don’t forget a fun small prize, it is a great way to commemorate the winner or winning team. Here are a list of creative ideas you could give winners of holiday party games and increase the holiday spirit.

  • gift cards
  • card games
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • candy canes
  • gingerbread house kit
  • hot chocolate bombs
  • Christmas candy
  • cash
  • puzzle game
  • white elephant gifts
  • non-candy treats
  • snow globe
  • basically any holiday items

Other Activities to Pair with This Game:

Don’t stop the holiday fun with only the free printable scavenger hunt, make this a full evening of a fun family activity.

  1. Gift Exchange games or white elephant gift exchange.
  2. Other christmas party games such as Christmas Bingo, Name that Carol, Santa Says printable card games, and more.
  3. Hot Cocoa Bar. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while enjoying this themed scavenger hunt.
  4. Opening Christmas gifts on Christmas Morning
  5. While listening to Christmas music.
  6. Decorating Christmas cookies.

My favorite Printable Supplies:

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  • Printer: I love myHP home Printer, it prints beautifully every time no matter what projects I am working on.
  • Paper: Depending on the durability you want with your printables, consider printing on whitecard stockor high quality paper.
  • Laminator: For printables you are planning to use over and over again, simply laminate and use dry erase markers to mark up the printables.

Download your free printable game here:

​Remember my free printable Christmas games are for personal use only.

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Printable Christmas Think Fast Game: A Free Holiday Game - The Benson Street (2024)


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