Courtney Cronin Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband, Married【 ESPN 】Salary (2024)

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Courtney Cronin Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband, Married【 ESPN 】Salary (1)

Personal Details Summary
NameCourtney Cronin
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOBAugust 1, 1990. As of 2024, she is around 34 years old.
Wedding & Marriage/ Husband / Engaged / Fiance / PartnerNo confirmed information is available.
Children / No. of KidsNone
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / RaceWhite
Is Courtney Cronin related to Kevin Cronin?The two do not seem to be related.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Courtney Cronin is a popular, award-winning American journalist, currently working for the ESPN network as their reporter for NFL team Minnesota Vikings.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Courtney was born in Glenview, Illinois, and also raised there. As a child, she attended the Glenbrook South High School. Currently, she resides in Minneapolis due to her work commitments.
  • Cronin graduated with degrees in journalism and Spanish from Indiana University Bloomington.
  • She now features in Indiana University’s online platform for her accomplishments as a journalist along with the other successful professionals that studied there.
  • In an article she wrote for The Clarion-Ledger, Cronin admitted having applied for nearly 25 jobs after graduating, but none of them called her back. As a broadcasting journalism major, she thought her future was in TV, but the stations felt otherwise.

Career, Job, Salary and Net Worth :

  • In August 2017, Courtney became a reporter for ESPN’s NFL Nation, delivering news, analysis and insight about the Vikings. She can also be heard on ESPN’s 1500 station.
  • Earlier, she has worked at Mercury News as a multimedia sports reporter, and at the Clarion-Ledger, which is part of the USA Today Network. There, she was also a recruiting editor and a video journalist for high schools. She became a leading voice on football and basketball recruiting throughout the Southeast.
  • During her time in the Bay Area, Cronin has covered epic moments in sports, reporting for teams like the Warriors, Raiders, 49ers, Giants, A’s and Sharks & covering some big events such as the NBA Finals, Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest, etc.
  • Cronin has been a member of Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE), Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM), and the Professional Basketball Writers Association (PBWA).

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • Cronin’s readers and viewers appreciate her work ethic, as she “seems to have a good sense for what’s actually meaningful in sports” and also “doesn’t over-dramatize” when talking about serious topics, as a Reddit user said. Some even compared her to her fellow reporter Ben Goessling, saying, “Ben is good, but Cronin is probably a harder worker and often raises important issues before many others do.”
  • Since she joined the ESPN crew, Cronin’s popularity has increased dramatically on her social media accounts, reaching over 25,000 on Twitter (now called X). She uses the platform regularly, often sharing sports news and interacting with her supporters.
  • Cronin’s articles for ESPN have gained applause from The Minnesota Vikings fans because of how well-written they are. She acquired much of this talent during a postgraduate internship in the digital communications department at NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), where she was in charge of researching storylines and producing original video and written content for the social media profiles.

Body Figure / Physical Info

Courtney Cronin Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Blonde
  • How tall is Courtney Cronin Height : 5′7″
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : No confirmed information is available.
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.
  • Weight Loss : A few Google queries regarding this, but we couldn’t find anything conclusive on any of her social media.

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  1. Denny GoeresJan 2, 2024 at 11:11 pm


    Great work Courtney…love your work!

  2. Rick SharpJul 5, 2023 at 9:41 pm


    How does Tony Reali choose who is on ATH every day? Seems like some are on more than others. Thanks.

  3. Patrick SamdbergJul 10, 2020 at 5:08 pm


    Hi Courtney,

    Please listen to your Tuesday morning radio chat with Paul Allen on KFAN. Courtney, you can, ah, speak better, ah, on the radio, um, than you did with Paul Allen. It’s not that, um, hard Courtney.

    Just, um, saying.

    Patrick Sandberg

  4. Roger DierJun 12, 2020 at 2:56 pm


    Courtney knows her profession and is an insightful writer and verbally gifted. An asset to ESPN, as a Vikings fan, I am happy she covers the Vikings.

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Courtney Cronin Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband, Married【 ESPN 】Salary (2024)


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